Heart Shaped Watermelon Mold Kit

Heart Shaped Watermelon Mold


One heart shaped watermelon mold kit to create the famous Japanese heart shaped watermelon. Each mold comes with two sides that are easily fastened by nuts and bolts included with each kit free of charge. A pamphlet outlining the growing process is also included making growing simple, fun, and suitable for all ages. The heart shaped watermelon molds are made of strong thermoplastic and are reusable for many growing seasons.

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The item for sale is a Heart Shaped Watermelon Mold kit used for shaping a standard watermelon that you can grown in your personal garden (No special seeds required).

Information about the mold itself:

This mold is constructed out of Polycarbonate plastic. This type of plastic material is fully transparent and non-toxic to humans or to nature. It has the high tinsel strength needed to contain the watermelon as it is growing. Included with the mold are all the nuts and bolts needed to properly seal the mold. All parts are designed for outdoor use and will last many growing seasons to ensure you get the most out of your mold.

The actual size of the melon your mold will produce is 8” at its tallest point and 8.5” at its widest. It is 7.8” at its deepest point.

Type of watermelon to grow:

This mold is designed to grow a watermelon that weighs around 10-12lbs. If a different type of seed is used then there is a higher chance of failure. We suggest using these types of watermelon seeds:

Triploid-Hybrid Verity:

Tri-X Brand 313 Seedless, Crimson Trio, Queen of Hearts, Millionaire, 5244. Seedless watermelon that grows  10-20lbs depending on the area.

Icebox Verity:

Sugar Baby, Tiger Baby. This type has seeds and grows between 5-15 lbs.

Yellow/Orange Flesh Variety

Desert King, Tendergold, Honeyheart (seedless), Chiffon (seedless). This type comes in seedless and seeded depending. It  grows  10-20 lbs.

How to make the watermelon take the shape of the mold:

In order to make the watermelon into a heart shape you must first start growing the watermelon in the same way you would normally. Once the fruit start to show on the vine allow the melon to grow to about the size of your closed fist. Once the melon is the correct size you will place the melon into the mold and use the provided nuts and bolts to secure the mold. You will allow the melon to mature inside the mold. Once the melon has taken the full shape of the mold ,usually 60-80 days after planting, it will be ready to remove and eat. Try not to open the mold until it is fully grown. You may not be able to get the mold back on if it is taken out early. Make sure the fruit is exposed to the sun and you should rotated it every week or so. This will keep the melon from getting a brown side.

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Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 12 in

5 reviews for "Heart Shaped Watermelon Mold Kit"

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    Great summer project! 5 Stars

  2. :

    Excellent. Very satisfied and quick shipping. Thanks

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    Our friends were amazed when we showed up to the beach with our heart shaped watermelon!

  4. :

    My mold had a lot of condensation so I ended up drilling a few extra holes to let moisture escape. Worked like a charm.

  5. :

    My kids loved it and it got them outside. – Thanks

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