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Looking to grow your own square watermelon?  You’ve come to the right place!  We sell the plastic molds required to grow your own square or heart shaped watermelon.  Check out our blog and feel free to contact us with any questions.  We ship from the United States to almost everywhere in the world.

Shaping fruit with the use of molds is a centuries old practice popularized in the far East.  For 500 years, Chinese farmers meticulously perfected molding fruit over generations through tedious trial and error.  Tragically, their work was all but erased during the Cultural Revolution of the 1970’s.

While the fruit molding as a practice waned in China, to the east in Japan, population density and economics demanded its return.  As of 2015, Tokyo owns the highest population density of any western nation. It follows that space is vital.  Round watermelons are simply not as efficient as boxed or cubed shaped watermelons that can be stacked while in transit from farm to grocery store or while in the consumers’ refrigerator.  Economic demand gave birth to the novelty of molding shaped fruits.

Today, square or cubed watermelon can be found in specialty produce markets outside of Japan for premiums from anywhere to $100USD to $800USD in the United States, Russia, the Middle East, and other nations.

At MelonMold.com, we provide the molds necessary for the commercial farmer to casual hobby grower to make square and heart shaped watermelon.  Never before has it been easier to grow a square or hearth shaped watermelon; be it a summer project to get kids interested in farming, or an adult aiming to win a regional fair or farmer’s market contest: Melonmold.com has you covered!

Check out our blog for instructional information, pictures from customers, and other exciting new fruit molding ventures!

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